Canoleez – (Euroz x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest)


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Euroz x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest
Euroz is a selection of Zkittlez/London Pounds Cake#75. She finishes in 45, has unreal bag appeal, and hashes like a champ. Flavor permeates and stains the mouth with each pull. Commercial dream with quick flower times and good hash returns. Euroz is in the cali market and should be making round soon. Adding the FIC/Gpas Gunchest added a funky edge and potency for those heavy smokers. Rosin selections abound.

In stock


Strain: Canoleez
Makeup: Euroz (zkittlez x LPC75) x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest
Flowering Time: 55 – 65 days
Yield: Average/High
Height: Short/Medium
Sex: Regular
Quantity: 10+ Seeds

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