Corn Dawg – (Tahoe OG/Stardawg x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest)


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This seed stock of Tahoe/Stardawg came from True Grit (@gritnastyseeds) a legend in the industry. I selected a stardawg leaning pheno that still had some of that tahoe terp profile. Low stretch, great yield, strong fuel/pine terp profile with some leather mixed in. Combined this selection with the Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest male the smoke is unmatched in potency, flavor and overall entourage effect.

Out of stock


Strain: Corn Dawg
Makeup: Tahoe OG/Stardawg x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest
Flowering Time: 60 – 70 days
Yield: Average/High
Height: Medium/Tall
Sex: Regular
Quantity: 10+ Seeds

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