Freezer Pleaser – (Bacio Gelato x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest)


Only 2 left in stock

The last of the Gelatos standing in our library as the rest have been dwindled down over the years. The best gelato in our opinion. Low stretch, high yield, impressive terpene numbers. Quick flower times come with this one as well. Combined with our Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest these plants give of cookie and candy terps with some nasty funk phenos hiding in there from the GMO in the Gunchest. Don’t pass on these.

Only 2 left in stock


Strain: Freezer Pleaser
Makeup: Bacio Gelato x Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest
Flowering Time: 60 – 70 days
Yield: Average/High
Height: Short/Medium
Sex: Regular
Quantity: 10+ Seeds

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