Freezer line was made using a Fried Ice Cream ( Topanga Canyon OG (Jungleboys Cut) / Sunset Sherbet) x Grandpas Gunchest ( Animal Mints 15/ Redneck Wedding) male. The male adds that og/chem candy terp and colorful bag appeal that is in demand. Originally made by Ronin seeds we used this line as it hosted some of our genetic work as well.

Fried Ice Cream cut has made its way around CA and the PNW with great success. Hybrids of her bring great bag appeal, yield, and unique terpene profiles. Funky candy funk terps with great bag appeal.

Grandpas Gunchest cuts have been sold for thousands of dollars in the market and the seed line used to make the Fried Ice Cream/Grandpas Gunchest went for top dollar as well. Combined this is a powerhouse cross bringing the modern day terps people want. GMO hiding in there helps with the funk and helps with the dump.


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