We hope that this list will help answer some of the more common questions that get asked. 

Question When can I expect my order to be shipped?
AnswerUnder normal circumstances, all orders are shipped via USPS within 2-5 days of receiving payment.  You will receive a tracking notification when your package mails out.
Question What payment options do you offer?
AnswerWe can only accept CASH and Money Order payments at this time.
Question Why did I not get an email from the website when I placed my order?
AnswerThe most common reason for this is due to an error made when entering your email address.  Check your promotions and spam folders first then send us an email and we can assist.
Question How long will my order be held before it is canceled and relisted on the 'site?
AnswerTo ensure unwanted cancellations all orders must be paid for within TEN DAYS of placing your order.  Please retain tracking information for your payment.
Question What shipping method do you use?
AnswerThe United States Postal Service can ship domestically within 3-5 days with tracking information provided by stamps.com
Question Once shipped, how long should it take to get to me?
AnswerUnder Normal Circumstances, the USPS can get a package anywhere in the lower 48 within 3-5 business days.  Holidays and Global Pandemic could impact these times.
Question I got a tracking number, where is my package?
AnswerPro Tip; Check the Tracking Number

The tracking number will allow you to monitor your package as it travels through the mail system.  We are not responsible for items lost or destroyed by mail carrier or customs agent.

Question Whats the genetic lineage of this?
AnswerDoHo = Thin Mint x (GSC Forum x Tahoe OG bx)

Pacifier = (Cherry Cookies x Grape Pie)

Apple Juice = Orange Sour Apple x Triple Kush

Daily Driver = (zkittlez x Sundae Driver)

Lucinda Williams = (C99 x Williams Wonder) By our friend Paco

Cherry Strudel = (Cherry Cookies x Grape Pie)

Cereal Killer = (Alien Cookies x FPOG) It’s a specific cut of breakfast of champions.

Freshwater Taffy = Gushers x Gelatti so basically a gelato/og x gelato /og hybrid

Cocomero = Old Watermelon Kush clone only x Gelatti bx Male

Bacio = Gelato 41

ZawtZ = zkittlez/Gelatti/King Louie XIII OG Hybrid

Cheesy D = UK Cheese x Chem D

Cookie Crisp = (OGKB x FPOG)

Egg Roll = (Chem D x Biscotti)

Birthday cake = (Cherry Pie x Forum GSC)

GrumpZ = (Runtz/Grape Pie/MAC F2)

Frozen Margy – (Sour Dubble/Chem D x OG) [ChemD/SourDubble x ((Pinesoul x FireOG/LHB) x (TK/FireOG x FireOG/LHB))]

Gushers –  (Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush)

Ganache– (gelato33/gelatti x Biscotti)

Rootbeer Float – (GG4/chem91 x Grape Pie)

King G – a particular pheno of (Louie 13 x Gelatti)

Zelatti – (ZkittleZ x Gelatti bx)

Question Can I email the website for grow tips or for suggestions on what I should buy?
AnswerSorry, Radogear.com can not provide cultivation advice or provide suggestions on what strain you should buy.  There are a handful of online forums that can provide a wealth of information concerning these subjects. Two suggestions are http://www.rollitup.org and https://www.beanbasement.nl/help/terms/
Question Is this legal?

*Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries/states.  Seeds are for souvenir purposes ONLY.  Cannabis seeds are to be germinated in countries/states where it is legal to grow cannabis.  Cannarado Genetics/CG Group LLC accepts no responsibility for any entity who does not comply with local, state, and federal law.